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Nobody ever speaks about the toll the 911 Twin Towers attack has taken on our present situation. We - the US - has spent these trillions of dollars in war and security expenses because of 911. Now we are having to pay for it and this is the result: no money for daily living because we have to now pay for the war debt. Most money spend was from Bid Laden's attack and the attacks against the US in the few years prior. And then huge expense was generated by Bush's war against Iraq to get control of oil.

911 twin towers attacks

God did not 'do' the 911 Twin Towers attack, I do not have spooky behavior and the earthquakes chart numbers contradicts the statement of increase. There is a peak of tectonic activity, but then decreases.

9/11: Pedestrians Flee Twin Towers Area 2min.

Would you actually be so desperate to escape the fiery hell in the towers that you ..

9-11 Review: Jets Impact the Twin Towers

America prepares to mark 13th anniversary of 9/11 attacks